familyWhen I think about my childhood, the vision of my parents with faces in palms asking “What were you thinking, Steph?” consumes most memories.  I think they are still asking the same question of me today, only now I’ve joined them in asking it of myself.  Writing helps me process just that and I invite you to ask the same question of me as you read through stories of our mistakes and blunders of living life overseas.  

The first “daladala” or minibus that I saw in our new town in East Africa had Jeremiah 33:3 written on the back:  “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”  This became the theme of my life and now the theme & title of this blog.  It’s all about God revealing more of Himself to us every day and through every new joy and sorrow that comes with this life.

My life is lived with my amazing husband, our incredible and hilarious five kids, a group of interns, Shan/Shantelle/Shanners/Maua/my bestie/my teammate, my lil’ sis and her family who live right down the street, a fluctuating number of Maasai men and women, some farm animals, and a constant flow of guests who we all welcome in and out of our home throughout the day.  Our life is lived in constant community.  It’s beautiful and messy and horrible and great and it grows me every day.

When I’m not at home, I spend my time with some incredible young women at Sifa Threads [sifathreads.com] where I get to combine my love of design, counseling and helping young women find their value and identity in Christ!  

In between chaos, I dream about the rest of my family in the States and what it will be like when machines to teleport them here upon my command are finally invented.